Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

So, it’s sale time at Nordstrom. Every blogger seems to be showing the same skinny jeans, oversized cardigans, and booties. All of which I love and have in my wardrobe (I will admit to buying a few sweaters with flared and trumpet sleeves–hey, I’m not immune to trends!).

I look to this sale for a few bargain investment pieces as well as basics. But not every “investment” piece has to be at the top of the “sort high to low” option. There are some really quality piece at good prices, but you have to dig! So, I did a bit of the work for you.

Here are 12 items I’m certain you’ll be wearing (and loving) 10 years from now.

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Update your terrarium!

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 7.19.31 AMMy terrarium has been lumbering on dutifully for several years now and frankly, it needs a reboot. Until I have time (and know what the heck to do), I love this idea, from Terrain, for adding a seasonal touch. Terrain is a dreamy nursery/garden center/garden shop outside of Philadelphia, created by the folks at Anthropologie. It’s the mothership calling me home.

Anyway, head out to the yard, find a fallen twig, and attach an Easter-y egg with a string. So simple!

Forcing hyacinths!

While I’ve always loved living in warmer climates, there is something seriously rewarding about 100+ days of chill! This is the first time I’ve experienced the pleasure of potting up hyacinths and just sticking them in the garage (no more potted bulbs fighting for space in the refrigerator!). Lovely to be overwhelmed with fragrant blooms like these!


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