Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

So, it’s sale time at Nordstrom. Every blogger seems to be showing the same skinny jeans, oversized cardigans, and booties. All of which I love and have in my wardrobe (I will admit to buying a few sweaters with flared and trumpet sleeves–hey, I’m not immune to trends!).

I look to this sale for a few bargain investment pieces as well as basics. But not every “investment” piece has to be at the top of the “sort high to low” option. There are some really quality piece at good prices, but you have to dig! So, I did a bit of the work for you.

Here are 12 items I’m certain you’ll be wearing (and loving) 10 years from now.

A sheath with a twist


Houndstooth Sheath Dress, EMERSON ROSE,  Sale: $119.90; After Sale: $179.00

The details on this dress that comes in at just under $120.00 are remarkable. From the seaming that makes the waist look tiny to the unexpected touch of lace at the hem, this houndstooth sheath is a total knock out. If you love Victoria Beckham, this dress is one to snap up. I am an 8-10 and found I liked the fit of the 10 better (I a 34D bra, 140)

I fell HARD for this brand which is new to me. Bought 2 pairs of their pants (which fit great) and three of their silk blend sweaters. Check out the entire Emerson Rose range.

A long and lean cardigan that’s luxe but not fussy



Long Ribbed Cardigan, HALOGEN®, Sale: $59.90; After Sale: $89.00

There are no shortage of affordable cardigans at the Nordie sale, but for the price, I think this one has the look and feel of a pricier sweater. It’s thick and hangs beautifully and has some subtle shaping so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a blanket. If you wear lots of skinny trousers or jeans and pencil skirts, this is the scale you’re always looking for to get the long-over-lean look. Comes in three colors (and yes, I bought them all).

A little black skirt that’s got style



Gates Pleated Skirt, A.L.C., Sale: $329.90; After Sale: $495.00

I won’t lie, this one will set you back a chunk of money but I’m betting ten years from now, you will still be pulling this classic piece out of your closet. Desk-to-dinner, career-to-cocktail, whatever you want to call it, this skirt will earn its cost back. There are less expensive pleated skirts at the sale (I tried on several) but what distinguishes this one is the luxe fabric (yes, it’s poly but we all know not all poly is created equal!) and the fit. Pleated skirts, if they don’t fall correctly from the waist, can add pounds. I promise you, this one does not.

A sleek, modern waistcoat



Longline Drape Front Vest, SOIA & KYO, Sale: $179.90; After Sale: $270.00

If you haven’t invested in a waistcoat style yet I think this one’s a winner. Yes, you can find one cheaper at Zara, but this is made from a sort of not-too-heavy, smooth but not like an icky poly blazer sort of fabric that drapes beautifully. If you like Armani or Burberry, I think you will like this. Has a downtown feel due to the hi-lo hem and hardware, but its not overly trendy.

A dress it up, dress it down white blouse




Poplin Peplum Top, HALOGEN®, Sale: $39.90; After Sale: $59.00

Another classic that’s not boring due to the asymmetric front. I love this brand in general, but this was a standout because I’d seen something exactly like this at Neiman Marcus (forgot the brand) and it was over $300.00. Reminds me of the garments from DKNY back when it used to be good! This has enough spandex to make it comfortable so it doesn’t feel like a corset over a long day. I’ve actually already worn this to work and it was light, cool, and super chic over a black pencil skirt. This winter it’ll be good lightweight layering piece (of course I live in Los Angeles, so its year round for me).

Faux leather leggings that only look $$$


Faux Leather Leggings HALOGEN®, Sale: $49.90; After Sale: $79.00

Everyone needs something unexpected and while leather leggings are nothing new, the styling of these feels fresh. I tried on a few brands of faux leather leggings and these were my favorite of the bunch. They feel like real leather and fit like a legging without being skin tight and constricting. What makes them more upscale, is the slit at the bottom of inside the leg. Very high-end Italian looking, but a great price.

A great dressy (or not) lace skirt with a surprise



Lace Pencil Skirt, HALOGEN®, Sale: $59.90; After Sale: $89.00

If you love Dolce and Gabbana, you need to try this one on. It has a matching top (link here) and I love them as a set, but if you’re not a dress-up girl, at least consider the skirt. It has an exposed back zip that takes the sweet little lace skirt downtown that’s great for going out and also to wear to work with a sweater. And, it fits great. I bought my usual size 8 and it was right for both hips and waist. Love that it is not black, but not so out there in terms of color that you can’t wear it as a almost neutral.

A great layering piece of outerwear 


Saddleworth Quilted Vest, BARBOUR, Sale: $98.90; After Sale: $149.00

Every time I go to Maine I swing by the Barbour outlet store (it’s in Kittery–go if you can!) and stock up on the awesome outwear from this famed British brand. Even at the outlet, it’s still expensive stuff, so I think Nordie’s may have them beat on the price of this vest. It’s lightweight, but having bought similar non-down filled items from Barbour, still plenty warm for cool early fall nights.  If you want a nice vest but don’t need a down puffer, I think you will love this one.

Sleek and simple wool coat for dress, work, play


Double Face Wool Blend Walker, DIANE VON FURSTENBERG, Sale: $329.90; After Sale: $498.00

There were loads of coats in the sale, but for the price this one had so much going for it. A very high wool content and a modern-but-classic style that will look great over everything from jeans and booties to a dress. Great length for climbing in and out of cars (both auto and subway).

A leather jacket with a banker, not biker vibe




Carrack Leather Jacket, BELSTAFF, Sale: $777.90; After Sale: $1,295.00

Now, of course, this is a purchase to be made soberly and with care. $800.00 is a lot of money to spend on a piece of clothing. HOWEVER, what made me include this, despite the price, is the simplicity of the styling. No heavy hardware, tricky snaps and asymmetric zips. Just clean, classic, elegant. Over a white tee or a black turtle, it a winner.

Classic black pants to wear with everything


Crepe Straight Leg Pants, CECE, Sale: $65.90; After Sale: $99.00

Skinny pants fortunately are here to stay, but don’t discount the total elegance of a pair of pants that drape, flow, and have a hidden side zip that allows for sweaters without the telltale front fly padding.  I will admit that I am a pant snob and  I’m all about buying the best you can afford. Sure, you could spring for a pair from Valentino and get better tailoring and fabric, but hey, they’re nice black pants that look and feel great for a very reasonable price.

A crewneck that’s figure flattering, but not tight


Mirzi B Merino Wool Sweater, THEORY, Sale: $133.90; After Sale: $200.00

I know. Theory is sort of a no-brainer but I chose this (and bought in both colors) because of the almost waffle-knit fabric that made it more versatile than other similar sweaters. It’s casual enough for jeans but dressy enough for work, too. My local TJ Maxx (we have a really good one) always has a few racks of this brand an it’s always expensive. I think this price is actually pretty good. Wish they’d had it in black or navy! (Speaking of navy, there was nothing much in that color; not a lot of grey either!)

So, those were my fashion picks. Is this all I bought? Of course not! But, these are pieces I look forward to wearing for years and years to come. I’ll post some accessories next.






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