Review: Target and Toms collaboration

Review: Target and Toms collaboration

I got up super early November 16 and ordered up a storm from this new collaboration. Already a fan of Toms shoes, I was excited to see the other products in this line such as sweaters, scarves, and home goods. Between what I bought ( a lot) and what I later saw in store, I pretty much saw all the offerings. Here are my hits and misses.




I ordered all three eternity scarves and they all went right back. Way too long to double and too chunky to triple.


Had high hopes for these as a gift but very cheap and not as nice as in the picture.


I loved the idea and sentiment here but this was poorly made. Too large for a cosmetic case for my bag, too.












For me the worst piece in the collection. Odd fit, neckline too wide, rest too small. And, it shed like crazy.

For me the worst piece in the collection. Odd fit, neckline too wide, rest too small. And, it shed like crazy.











Very soft, thick and luxe. Great deal for the price.


The best piece in the home good collection. Looks expensive. Wish it were a bit bigger.


A warm woodsy floral fragrance but the best part is the nice box which will be ideal for pencils later.


Just a great fitting tee; not boxy and the sleeves are the perfect length. The pattern is actually pretty subtle in person.


I bought both the grey and the ivory. The quality is just okay but the pattern on the back made this a winner. Not great for winter but come spring, I’ll be wearing this often.


Lots of complaints on Facebook about the lack of choice in shoes but for me nothing beats a simple pair of black Toms. If you order, I found these ran 1/2 size large!

What is it about evening gowns and boots?

My mania for mixing media started with this iconic image of the great one, Elle Macpherson, in a formal frock with flats (NYC, 2005) but lately my fascination has turned to the artful pairing of boots and balls gowns.


It’s one of my favorite combos; a rough and tumble boot with a lady-like full skirt.  Here are few examples…

images-2   ralph-lauren-romance  ralph-lauren2079_001-page-001

Is this a look only for the very young, or could anyone with a badass swagger pull it off?



Update your terrarium!

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 7.19.31 AMMy terrarium has been lumbering on dutifully for several years now and frankly, it needs a reboot. Until I have time (and know what the heck to do), I love this idea, from Terrain, for adding a seasonal touch. Terrain is a dreamy nursery/garden center/garden shop outside of Philadelphia, created by the folks at Anthropologie. It’s the mothership calling me home.

Anyway, head out to the yard, find a fallen twig, and attach an Easter-y egg with a string. So simple!

Forcing hyacinths!


While I’ve always loved living in warmer climates, there is something seriously rewarding about 100+ days of chill! This is the first time I’ve experienced the pleasure of potting up hyacinths and just sticking them in the garage (no more potted bulbs fighting for space in the refrigerator!). Lovely to find myself overwhelmed with fragrant blooms like these!


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